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Chatbot Service in Malaysia

Here are the benefits of having an AI chatbot on your website

Engage Visitors

Communicate directly with your website visitors by having a chatbot on each page of your website. The chatbot will be fully functional 24/7.

Personalised Message

Deliver personalised message to each website visitor by using the automated chatbot to provide a unique user experience.

Live Monitoring

With the chat dashboard, you can monitor your bot and live conversations that are taking place. If needed, your staff can take over the conversation.


The Rise of Chatbots in Malaysia

In a fast-paced world, both your prospect and customers will want answers FAST.

This is where technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) chatbot was created to facilitate businesses to fill the gap and provide immediate attention and conversation with ALL the visitors on your website.

The Future of Chatbots

By 2020, 80% of businesses will be using a chatbot on their website. Automation technology would help to reduce labour costs and advancement in artificial intelligence will only continue to enhance the development of chatbots.

It’s safe to predict the impending chatbot revolution in this digital era. Be prepared early and integrate it with your business today.

Chatbot Scope of Work

Our chatbot service includes the following:

  • Design full chatbot sequence and automated flows
  • Welcome message
  • Chatbot greetings pop-up
  • Integrate staff personnel with chatbot (if the person requires to speak with an employee)
  • Get machine learning insights on users' interest and preference
  • Monthly report on the performance of chatbot and the sentiment of your customers
  • Analyse Frequently Asked Questions and add answers to automated chat replies

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