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Facebook Messenger Marketing Malaysia

Is messenger marketing the next big thing?

Let’s look at the statistics for a clearer picture. Based on the latest data, Facebook messenger currently has 1.3 Billion active users. Facebook messenger alone has surpassed the total users of Instagram (800 Million) and Twitter (330 Million).

Facebook Messenger is still growing rapidly with more people shifting their methods of communication via messenger. With a large number of users on Facebook Messenger, the trends of messenger marketing will only increase in 2018 and beyond.

So the question is, what is messenger marketing and how can it help your business?

What is Messenger Marketing 

Unlike other channels of marketing, messenger marketing provides a conversational pattern of communication between your business and your customer.

The messenger bot provides choices for selection to the users and automatically provide a pre-defined message to the user, making it seems like a real conversation is taking place.

If you have Facebook Messenger installed, you can use a messenger bot and link it to your Facebook business page to automate conversations and capture leads.

Besides having the bot on your Facebook page, you can have it on your website as well. If you go to Axcel Digital Facebook Page, you will see our messenger bot over here. Feel free to chat with the Axcel bot and get a clearer picture of how messenger marketing works. 

How Messenger Marketing in Malaysia Can Help Your Business 

With messenger marketing, you are able to provide instant conversation and segment your visitors to understand what they really need.

By knowing what your visitors need, you are able to tailor the messages to solve their problem and turn them into loyal customers.

Messenger marketing would benefit businesses who offer more than 1 product or services. For example, if you are a B2B business that offers 3 different services, the messenger bot will help you identify which services are the customers interested in. Different messages will be sent based on their selection of your services.

Segmentation is the key to closing more sales.

Facebook Messenger will also be your Facebook page and website’s main point of interaction with customers, where they can easily reach you when they have any questions or need assistance. You can use messenger marketing to follow up and close sales.

You can capture subscribers using messenger marketing whenever they comment on your Facebook post (yes, this is legal).

Here’s how:

1. A person sees your post on Facebook. You could use an organic Facebook post or run a Facebook marketing ad campaign.

2. If the post is appealing to them, they leave a comment on that post.

3. They will then receive an automatic message from your messenger bot. You can customize the message to suit your business needs.

4. If the person responds to the automatic message, they would instantly be added to your subscriber list and you can send them future messages for promotions, special offers, or your latest blog posts.

Messenger Marketing vs Email Marketing 

Email marketing has been around for decades while messenger marketing is still at its infant stage in 2018.

While email marketing has the advantage of being around for longer, the competition for email marketing is greater as compared to messenger marketing as companies battle for the attention of their customer on email.

Over the years, open rates and click-through rates for email marketing dropped significantly as people are tired of being constantly bombarded with emails from everywhere.

This has opened up the road of opportunity for messenger marketing, the new kid on the block to enter the fray and provide email marketing with a much needed competition.

With messenger marketing, open rates can be as high as 88% based on a recent bot campaign run on Facebook Messenger.

Messenger provides an easier process of capturing subscribers, whenever someone sends you a message on Messenger, they would automatically be added as your subscriber and you can follow up with the prospects directly from the messenger.

Another benefit of messenger marketing is it provides a channel for instant two-way interaction with your customers and provides a better user experience. The response and statement given by the messenger bot are determined by the selection your customers choose, and they will get their answers immediately “live”.

On the other hand, there will be a certain time period for email marketing response (depending on when you are free to reply).

Despite the potential of messenger marketing, as of 2018, email marketing is still dominant, with messenger marketing growing rapidly in the social media marketing space.

Final Words

Our recommendation would be to continue with email marketing and start building a messenger bot for your company today as the early adopters will win before people get the same “email fatigue” in the years to come when messenger marketing eventually matures at its peak.

So get started with messenger marketing today before it becomes another mainstream channel.

If you are interested in having a messenger bot for your business, email us at or contact us below and we will build the bot for your company.

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