We are very thankful for Exabytes WordPress Hosting that has helped us with our business needs for new domains and hosting.

Try the new Exabytes WordPress Hosting by opting for their WP12 business package that was super affordable and includes many useful features that increase our convenience and efficiency such as free daily backup (we never have to worry about losing our data), free SSL, free domain (which we absolutely appreciate) and best of all, 100 days money back guarantee! 

The guarantee gave us the extra confidence that Exabytes WordPress Hosting is here to deliver nothing but the best, ensuring users are 100% satisfied or they guarantee a 100% refund!


4 Main Hosting Features to Take Note 


Their customer support provides 24/7 support which us night owls would appreciate. 

Get support and assist with any technical help and website monitoring. Users who are not tech savvy will not have to worry about using WordPress Hosting as they are only a live chat away.

Litespeed Hosting

Their server speed stands out by providing an ultrafast litespeed server with one-stop web-acceleration solutions that is equipped with LSCWP cache plugin.

This means high loading speed of our websites by 4X compared to normal hosting servers which further increases our experience and efficiency.

Additionally, we are also thankful towards Hosting that provides us a default SSD storage to increase loading speed.

Backend Management

Another exciting feature that we have to review is their WordPress Toolkit which made it very easy for us to manage and control our website preferences on core, plugins and themes.

What more about this toolkit is that it ensures our site is constantly up-to-date, hence we will never have to miss out on the bug fixes or new features added!

Website Security

Last but not least, many of us are worried about security and protection when choosing a website hosting. No business wants to get hacked!

Thankfully, WordPress Hostings ensures that users get a Security360 protection, automatic Malware scan and websites fix, WordPress security scan and security patch! 


How to Start Your Own Website in Malaysia

You can now start your own website/blog with affordable local hosting from Exabytes Malaysia. A good starter budget would be RM250 to RM350 per year to have your blog online.

Click the image below to access the full list of Exabytes WordPress hosting plans:



And that’s a wrap!

All in all, we are very pleased with our experience with the Exabytes new WordPress Hostings as they provide us with fast and feature-rich hosting with excellent service as a big bonus!