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Pay Per Click Malaysia

Generate immediate results using pay per click (“PPC”) campaign.

A scalable model with trackable ROI for businesses.

Generate More Leads with PPC

Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to the method of using the search engine to generate paid clicks to your website.

In simple terms, they are google advertising for paid ads.

Whenever someone clicks to go to their website, these companies will be charged by Google for a click, hence the term “pay per click”.

One of the main reasons why pay per click works so well is because the person searching on Google is already looking for a solution.

For example, a person would not type in “digital marketing agency Malaysia” on Google if he or she is not looking to hire a digital marketing agency for their company.

As for pricing for a click, it will vary based on different search terms and competition level.

Google Ads Pay Per Click

PPC Campaigns Can Be Overwhelming, Let Us Do The Following:


Search Ads

Run search ads to target active searchers on Google who are located in your target area.

Landing Page Optimization

Optimize website/landing page for increased leads conversions.

Ads Copywriting

Copywriting that generates a higher click through rate (“CTR”) to your website for the ads campaign.

Monthly Reporting

Get a high level and in-depth overview of the performance of each ads campaign.

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