Do you enjoy reading international blogs and news site but wonder, does Malaysia have quality blogs to read as well?

A while back, our team at Axcel Digital Malaysia began hunting for the best blogs in Malaysia.

And we have discovered that blogs in Malaysia are top notch as well!

After vetting through hundreds of established blogs in Malaysia, we have narrowed down our list to the top 28 blogs in Malaysia for 2023.

Let’s dive in and look at each one of them.


List of Top 28 Blogs in Malaysia 

Blogs are arranged in alphabetical order:

1. 24Local

2. Bangsar Babe

3. CC Food Travel

4. Chanwon

5. Climate Tech Review

6. Fishyology

7. GeckoandFly

8. Goody25

9. iMoney

10. iSearch Malaysia


12. In Real Life

13. Kaki Jalans

14. Karen Kho

15. KC Lau

16. KYSpeaks

17. Lobak Merah

18. Luvfeelin


20. Places And Food


22. SAYS

23. Sunshine Kelly

24. Tall Pisces Girl

25. Tommy Ooi

26. Tziaaa

27. Vulcan Post



Categories of Top 28 Blogs in Malaysia 

We have decided to further split the blogs into 7 categories:

1. Finance

2. News site

3. Lifestyle

4. Food

5. Fishing

6. Tech

7. Travel

Top Blogs in Malaysia

Finance Blog

1. iMoney


iMoney is South East Asia’s largest comparison business, providing consumers across Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore with information; online tools and expert advice through calls centres to compare credit cards, loans, broadband and insurance to help consumers select the most appropriate product.

iMoney also publish highly relevant commentary and content on the latest financial products, investment strategies, as well as how to deal with financial issues Malaysians face.

To date, iMoney has helped over 10 million visitors annually to optimise their finances by connecting them to over 50 banking and telco partners throughout the region.

iMoney’s Favourite Quote:

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” – Ayn Rand

Visit iMoney to learn more –


2. KC Lau


KC Lau is a Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and the author of six published books including one of the most popular books in Malaysia – “Top Money Tips for Malaysians”.

KC Lau is also the co-creator of over a dozen online financial courses, including Bursa Method, Property Method, and Money Automation System. KC Lau has contributed as a columnist for various magazines including Money Compass, Property Insights, News Straits Times, and Smart Investor.

As of to date, he has hosted over 330 online seminars for the public and published over 1235 articles online.

KC Lau’s Favourite Quote:

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best dividends.” – Benjamin Franklin

Visit KC Lau to learn more –


News Site

3. Goody25


Goody25 是一个让来自世界各地的年轻人分享资讯 的网络平台. Goody25希望拉近读者与资讯之间的距离, 打造一个能够连结更多年轻人,促进相互交流、发挥创意,汲取资讯的创新平台.


Goody25’s Favourite Quote:


Visit Goody25 to learn more –


4. iSearch Malaysia

iSearch is an online platform for entrepreneurs in Malaysia. The content includes business services, podcast, and tools to help entrepreneurs grow and scale their business.

If you are running a business, this site has got some golden nuggets and ideas for you in their content and weekly business podcast.

iSearch’s Favourite Quote:

All-In-One Business Platform for Entrepreneurs

Visit iSearch to learn more –



influasia blogs

INFLUASIA is an award-winning digital media group and influencer agency that operates a network of Malaysia’s leading news sites in English, Malay, and Mandarin.

Their circulation drives over 42 million pageviews and 25 million video views monthly, with audiences primarily made up of young adults between the age of 25-44 years old.

INFLUASIA’s Tagline:

Award-Winning Digital Media & Influencer Agency

Visit INFLUASIA to learn more –


6. In Real Life

IRL in real life malaysia logo

In Real Life is Malaysia’s first personal story platform based on real-life experiences of people living in Malaysia.

Read, learn, inspire, and be heard.

In Real Life’s Tagline:

Real People, Real Stories

Visit In Real Life to learn more –


7. Lobak Merah

LM Lobak Merah logo

Lobak Merah ialah laman socialtainment #1 di Malaysia.

Dapatkan isu-isu terkini setiap hari.

Lobak Merah’s Tagline:

Dapatkan Berita Terkini Di Malaysia

Visit Lobak Merah to learn more –




最棒最潮的娱乐、生活、科技和时事新闻,尽在NOODOU — 马来西亚第一都市中文新闻平台。

NOODOU’s Tagline:


Visit NOODOU to learn more –




SAYS started out with a mission to get young Malaysians to read the news again.

Today, SAYS is one of Malaysia’s fastest growing news website with 8 million page views monthly. SAYS create and curate trending news and shareable content to 3 million people every month.

SAYS’ Tagline:

Malaysia’s fastest growing news website

Visit SAYS to learn more – 


10. Vulcan Post

Vulcan Post

Vulcan Post is all about living life with a digital edge, discuss up and coming startups, and inspire conversations with people.

Vulcan Post’s Tagline:

We inspire quality conversations for the smartphone generation.

Visit Vulcan Post to learn more –




WORLD OF BUZZ is the #1 Urban English Publisher in Malaysia that features the latest and most trending news locally and internationally.

WORLD OF BUZZ delivers easily-consumable content by publishing the best in viral, entertainment, life, tech and local news. Discover share-worthy news daily and immerse yourself in engaging topics online.

WORLD OF BUZZ is more than just an online publication, it’s a community.

WORLD OF BUZZ’s Tagline:

Discover great stories daily.

Visit WORLD OF BUZZ to learn more –


12. 24Local

24Local is an online news site that features the latest social news and local businesses in Malaysia.

With over hundreds of article content on their site, they are known for featuring credible local businesses.

They also have a Youtube and Tiktok channel to allow Malaysians to share educational content on interesting topics such as property, cars, cooking, baking, DIY skills, technology, personal finance, fitness, and lots more!

24Local’s Tagline:

Be Different.

Visit 24Local to learn more –


Lifestyle Blog

13. Bangsar Babe®

Bangsar Babe

Bangsar Babe® is one of the strongest social media influencers in Malaysia, with more than 550,000 fans on social media and 250,000 page views a month on her website.

Her blog and social media channels are a platform that helps brands achieve their business goals and objectives in the online landscape.

Bangsar Babe®’s Favourite Quote:

Never let anyone dull your sparkle.

Visit Bangsar Babe® to learn more –


14. Chanwon


Chan Won has a wanderlust for travel after travelling across six continents- from the far-flung corner of the city of love; Italy, to the snow-clad tier to tier mountains of the Swiss Alps.

Chan is also a well-known fashionista in the industry and actively writes and shares about the newest wrinkles in fashion as well as several industry trade secrets.

Chan is often invited to grace fashion shows and talk shows and has been endorsed by multiple globally well-renowned brands, thanks to her reputation in the Lifestyle Industry as one of the ‘Gold Standards’ of bloggers & influencers.

Chanwon was also nominated for the #InfluenceAsia2017 and she was the one and the only Winner of #InfluenceAsia2017 who represented Malaysia for the Beauty category.

Chanwon’s Favourite Quote:

Treat others like how you wish to be treated. Always remember the reason why you started.

Visit Chan Won to learn more – Website:



15. Karen Kho

Karen Kho

Karen Kho is a fitness addict who enjoys sharing her fitness tips on her social media. Karen aspires to motivate her followers to lead a fitter, healthier lifestyle.

Karen loves helping others who are struggling to be healthy and happy and this has always been her passion. This is the main reason why she blogs and all the positive feedback she has received keeps her motivated to continue pursuing what she has been doing.

Karen always ensures that she shares all her experiences and stories in her blog, whether it is pretty, ugly, good or bad, in hopes that she would be able to inspire her readers to take risks and chase their dreams.

Karen Kho’s Favourite Quote:

When you believe, then it happens.

Visit Karen Kho to learn more –


16. Sunshine Kelly

Sunshine Kelly

Sunshine Kelly is a dedicated and active content creator since 2011. Sunshine Kelly love to share and inspire others with the latest trend, tips and tricks, reviews and information about Beauty, Fashion, Healthy Lifestyle, Travel, Fitness and sometimes, Food.

Sunshine Kelly radiates good vibes, cheerfulness and is always open to exploring new things in life.

Sunshine Kelly’s Favourite Quote:

Only good vibes

Visit Sunshine Kelly to learn more –


17. Tall Pisces Girl

Tall Pisces Girl

Tall Pisces Girl has been online since 2009, starting as a journal, where she shared about her work and life stories.

In 2012, Tall Pisces Girl has evolved to a full-fledged lifestyle blog which comprises of topics on travel, food, beauty, events, and shopping because this is what her life is made of and she is very excited to share all her experiences with her readers.

Tall Pisces Girl’s Favourite Quote:

Don’t gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold – Bob Marley

Visit Tall Pisces Girl to learn more –


18. Tziaaa


Tziaaa is a lifestyle content creator who occasionally does videos. Tziaaa mainly covers content about travel, style, beauty & love. Tziaaa’s blog is like a diary for her, where she documents all her life events.

Tziaaa’s Favourite Quote:

BELIEVE, and have faith.

Visit Tziaaa to learn more –


Food Blog

19. KYspeaks


KYspeaks is a Malaysian food blog that influences food cravings since 2005.

KYspeaks’s Favourite Quote:

When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It

Visit KYspeaks to learn more –


Fishing Blog

20. Fishyology


Fishyology was founded on Aug 31, 2012 and started off as a personal angling blog. The whole idea was focused on sharing the knowledge and experience over places that they have personally been fishing.

Fishyology covers both freshwater and saltwater fishing report across Malaysia and soon Asia. They also discuss techniques, tips and issues related to fishing, and conservation. Fishyology has built a strong foundation to further enhance their content, writing, and exposure among our loyal readers.

As the finest fishing blog in Malaysia, Fishyology always strive to create great content that are suitable and specific to local angling scene and ensure their readers will be able to relive their journey when they read the blog post.

Fishyology’s Favourite Quote:

Relive Our Journey

Visit Fishyology to learn more –


Tech Blog

21. GeckoandFly


GeckoandFly is a simple blog with tech related articles and beautifully crafted quotes. The goal of GeckoandFly is to help inspire people, to break free of stress and uncertainty to unlock their goals, creativity, and intuition.

Much like their logo of a bird with a wind up key, sometimes in life we need a little push to get things going.

GeckoandFly’s Favourite Quote:

One of their favourite quote is in Mandarin 腾龙换鸟, it can be loosely translated as – “No matter how successful you are, change is always good.

“腾龙换鸟 (Replacing the dragon in the cage with a phoenix. The Chinese believes that the dragon is the ultimate creature but there are times when taking a bold move and replacing it with a phoenix in the name of change and risk might yield a better future.)

Visit GeckoandFly to learn more –


22. Climate Tech Review


CTR review innovations that improve the planet’s sustainability and fix environmental issues, especially climate change.

Visit Climate Tech Review to learn more –


Travel Blog

23. CC Food Travel

CC Food Travel

CC Food Travel is Malaysia’s top Food and Travel Blog. CC Food Travel are online content creators, and their mission is to inspire folks to travel via photography and penned personalized stories.

CC Food Travel scour the globe to try to find the magic in the mundane, unravel the beauty in the disguised, and find the hidden sparkle in the unseen.

CC Food Travel’s Favourite Quote:

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Visit CC Food Travel to learn more –


24. Kaki Jalans

Kaki Jalans blog logo

Kaki Jalans is a growing travel blog runs by Khai and his wife, Amira, where they focus on empowering young people and family to travel the world.

Kaki Jalans was first started as a personal blog and grew to be a useful resource for destination guides by presenting the best locations, attractions, accommodations and food to try in each area that they visited.

Kaki Jalans’s Favourite Quote:

You don’t have to be rich to travel well

Visit Kaki Jalans to learn more –


25. Luvfeelin


乐飞翎 (Luvfeelin),八零后户外活动与旅游博客,以记录和分享为出发点,2007 年至 2010 年发布过不少旅游与美食文章,2013 年 11 月重新投入部落格攥写,并以全新面貌迎接读者。

目前挑战过马来西亚约 50 座高山与瀑布、印尼林贾尼火山、尼泊尔安娜普尔纳基地营徒步路线和越南最高峰番西邦,游历过澳洲、英国、中港澳以及新马泰等地,也于杂志和报章上上发布过摄影照、生活小品和旅游文章。


Luvfeelin’s Favourite Quote:


Visit Luvfeelin to learn more –


26. Places And Foods

Places And Foods

Places And Foods are a family food and travel blogger. They have been blogging for more than ten years and they blogged mostly about food and travel experiences in both Malaysia and the rest of the world.

Places And Foods are also starting to do more videos on their YouTube Channel. They love to travel and they have been traveling once a month for the past few years.

Places And Foods’ Favourite Quote:

Traveling is a priceless experience, live your life now and travel to see the world. You only live once.

Visit Places And Foods to learn more –




Being live for nearly 9 years, POJIEGRAPHY is an online platform sharing various stories related to travel and lifestyle such as travelling tips, travelling experiences, life as a student or a writer.

POJIEGRAPHY aim to discover new places and encourage youth to go out from their comfort zone and travel the world.

POJIEGRAPHY’s Favourite Quote:

Making mistakes in life is necessary as it allows us to improve ourselves to be better than yesterday.

Visit POJIEGRAPHY to learn more –


28. Tommy Ooi

Tommy Ooi

Tommy Ooi is a travel blog inspired to help readers to simplify their travel planning from Tommy’s travel experience.

Tommy hopes that by sharing his travel experiences, his readers can enjoy their travel better.

Tommy Ooi’s Favourite Quote:

Life was never meant to be fair – You just need to grind it hard to achieve your dreams.

Visit Tommy Ooi to learn more –


How to Start Your Own Blog in Malaysia

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And that’s a wrap!

Do check out all the blogs listed above, and you will find new valuable content that you can consume daily. If you don’t have the time to read all the blogs, simply pick the categories of your interest.