learn how to finally make money online in Malaysia

There are many ways to make money online in Malaysia.

However, instead of you having to research for a few months, we have decided to share the 7-step method that you can learn and implement successfully make money online.

Let’s begin!

7-Step Process to Make Money Online in Malaysia

Step 1: Decide on a Product or Service

Step 2: Get Your Own Brand Name

Step 3: Create and Host Your Website

Step 4: Design The Website

Step 5: Create Social Media Pages

Step 6: Start Digital Marketing

Step 7: Share Testimonials Online


Step 1: Decide on a Product or Service

The first step would be to decide whether you wish to sell a product or service online.

Scenario 1: If you wish to sell a product, it can be a physical product (e-commerce) or digital product (online courses)

Scenario 2: If you wish to sell a service, decide whether you wish to go for consulting or freelancing.

Pick 1 out of the 4 choices:

  1. Sell physical product
  2. Sell digital product
  3. Consulting
  4. Freelancing

Still can’t decide?

Let’s discuss each option:

1: Physical Product

Go for this option if you have a product that can be sold online. If you need ideas, head over to Lazada or Shopee and check the product categories.

2: Digital Product

If you have specific expertise that you are able to teach, online courses are profitable as your cost are low, which means a high margin for each course sale.

What are you above average at? People will be willing to pay to learn, especially if they are a beginner.

3: Consulting

Consulting is similar to digital product where you need have specific expertise. However, if you don’t wish to record online courses, 1v1 consulting online is also a great way to make money.

4: Freelancing

Freelancing is the easiest to get started. This is where you actually do the work for people instead of selling an online course and doing consulting.


Step 2: Get Your Own Brand Name

Once you have decided on which product or services to sell, now is the time to figure out a brand name for your website.

This brand name would be used as your website name. For example, Google’s brand name is used as their website name google.com

For local Malaysia websites, you may go for .com.my or .my

Another thing to consider is whether the brand name is already taken. You can head over to Serverfreak to check your website name availability.


Step 3: Create and Host Your Website

The next step would be a get a hosting company to get your website online.

If the name in Step 2 is available, you may purchase the brand name and hosting together from Serverfreak for:

-Brand name: RM80 a year (.com.my) OR RM120 a year (.my)

-Hosting of the website, starting from RM13.30 per month

Serverfreak has been around for over 16 years and they have built a reputation for having both reliable and affordable web hosting in Malaysia.

With in-house data centers, ServerFreak is able to provide customers with the latest features for hosting and fast customer support. Having used ServerFreak’s hosting for our clients, we have been very happy with the results as their website has never been down before, thanks to ServerFreak’s quality server.

With a 99% uptime guarantee, this reason alone is what separates Serverfreak from most hosting companies.

serverfreak web hosting Malaysia


Step 4: Design The Website

We have come a long way, so far these have been covered:

✅ Brainstorm product/service idea

✅ Brand name

✅ Hosting

Now that you have your website online, the next step would be to make it look beautiful!

You can either pay a designer or use a pre-made template provided by WordPress (included in the hosting).

For beginners without any budget, we recommend you to go for any pre-made template provided by WordPress. Here’s the guide from Serverfreak on installing WordPress > https://secure.web-hosting.net.my/clients/knowledgebase/92/how-to-install-wordpress-blog-with-softaculous.html 


Step 5: Create Social Media Pages

You don’t need to have social media presence on all platforms.

For most people, having a strong social media page on Facebook and Instagram would be sufficient.

Here’s the guide from Facebook to start creating your business pages:

Create Facebook Page 

Create Instagram Page

Once you have created your page, write the description of your product and service, share your website link, and start posting your first post!


Step 6: Start Digital Marketing

Step 6 is the most important among all steps.

Digital marketing is the deciding factor between you making money online or fail terribly.

There are 2 components of digital marketing:

  1. Free Traffic
  2. Paid Traffic

Free traffic

Free traffic is where you get visitors to your website for free without paying for ads.

While free is great, you generally need more time to build your online presence and get free traffic.

Common free traffic sources include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Posting, and forum commenting.

Paid Traffic

While you need to pay for traffic to your website, the benefit of paid traffic is you can see results quicker and you are able to target your ideal audience based on their interest, demographics, and location.

Common paid traffic sources include Google PPC and Facebook ads. You can get started with as low as RM5-10 a day for paid ads.

Note: If you wish to learn more about digital marketing, check out our library of free digital marketing resources.

On the other hand, if you need help with digital marketing and require our services, feel free to contact us at Axcel Digital.


Step 7: Share Testimonials Online

People buy people.

Once you have accumulated a pool of happy customers, it’s time to get their testimonials and share it online on your website and social media pages.

Having strong testimonials (especially video) would definitely boost your sales even further as you give your potential customers additional confidence in your product or services.


Costs to Start Making Money Online in Malaysia

Let’s breakdown the cost:

Step 1: Decide on a Product or Service – FREE

Step 2: Get Your Own Brand Name – RM80 to RM120 per year

Step 3: Create and Host Your Website – RM13.30 per month using ServerFreak

Step 4: Design The Website – FREE using pre-made templates or pay a designer

Step 5: Create Social Media Pages – FREE

Step 6: Start Digital Marketing – 2 Methods (Free traffic or Paid traffic of RM5-10 a day)

Step 7: Share Testimonials Online – FREE



The best part about making money online in Malaysia is you don’t need much capital to get started.

Yes, it will always take hard work at the beginning before you make money online, but the rewards are you will be able to have side income or even a full-time income in the long term if things pick up.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and as always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below or email us at info@axceldigital.com