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Social Media has revolutionized our day to day lives. Whether your business is a B2B or B2C, your target customers are spending time on social media.

It is important to know how current customers use social media and utilize that knowledge to come up with relevant posts that speak directly to them.

Starting off your social media page is the easy part. The hard part is to know what to post on your social media pages to keep them engaged.

In this article, we will go over the 50 posts ideas you can post on your social media platforms.


#1 – Company Culture

Let’s start by sharing a culture post to showcase your business.

Culture posts refer to images or articles that highlight what your business or service is about. It could be a group activity of your staff doing something humorous or an inside look at how your business operates.


#2 – Blog Posts

If your company has a blog, you could promote your blog posts on social media. It’s relevant to your company because a blog has evolved from just personal blogs to company blogs that drive brand awareness and sales.


#3 – Industry News

News articles receive more recognition than any other article. Businesses mainly focus on long term content in comparison to breaking news.

Find viable news sources for your industry and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. When these industries post something interesting, share it on your social media platforms as well.


#4 – Questionnaires/ Polls

Apart from blog posts and articles, you can also post polls and questionnaires.

Get your audience talking and engaging with each other, and get them engaged with your company.

It could be a simple question like “What kind of products would you like?” This is by far the best method to know your audience better.


#5 – Product Videos

It’s a well-known fact that visuals help improve engagement, but what about videos?

There have been studies that show that there’s a greater organic reach in videos in comparison to images. Utilize this organic reach by sharing videos about your company or the services you provide.


#6 – Customer Reviews and Testimonials

If your company has devoted fans, it’s time to let their voices be heard!

Share their thoughts on social media by posting creative visuals with their testimonials. Always include their names or handles to show authenticity.


#7 – Quick Tips and Advice

Tips and advice do not necessarily have to be in-depth instead, it could be a few short quotes which is an easy way to share valuable information with your audience.


#8 – Curated Content (Trending Content)

Curated content is solely content of others in a similar niche.

Sometimes the content you wish to share would have already been written, so rather than spending the time crafting an in-depth post, it is easier to share that’s already been written, but make sure to give credit to the original source.


#9 – Contests

Try to encourage people to participate in social media contests, which are relevant to your brand.

This will boost engagement with current followers and could help you increase non-followers to start following your page or like your posts. Be very clear about your contests and set easy and simple rules to enter.


#10- Holiday Posts

Holidays are an essential factor for all businesses.

Express your holiday spirit by sharing a holiday-related post on your social media platforms. Post an image or a video to show that your business has real people who get excited about holidays!


#11 – Company Events

To showcase your company’s personality you could share cultural posts, or you could also go one step further by sharing photos from a company event.

If your business is invited for social gatherings or meetings, you could also share posts on social media.


#12 – How-to videos

Your business does not have to be all about you as well. You could share simple how-to videos to show simple tutorials that would save your customers time and/or money.


#13 – DIY (Do it Yourself)

Social media is a great way of sharing quick videos showing people how to get something done. Your fans could not thank you enough for the Do It Yourself videos.


#14 – Product Reviews

Believe it or not, User reviews are proven sales drivers.

Many of the customers would like to see reviews before purchasing your product or service. Reviews are very beneficial if you are in the local business or e-commerce industry. So share as many reviews of the products and services you carry.


#15 – Company Accomplishments (Awards/ Certifications)

Share your company’s accomplishments to display authority and credibility among your customers.


#16 – Inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes may sound a bit cheesy, but if done properly they can be very effective. The key here is relevance, if you are in the personal development space, you should post inspirational quotes daily.


#17 – Live Videos (Instagram, Facebook)

Live videos have gradually become the next big thing on social media. Facebook and Instagram provide Live video postings. Determine the topic which is best suited for your business to get the most views.

Furthermore, you could even have weekly videos such as “Pro Tips”, “Behind The Scenes”, or “Clearance Day”


#18 – Hiring Announcements

You could share job listings on social media. Facebook has even got a Jobs section for you to post about your vacancies. It is a great platform for you to find your ideal candidate.


#19 – New Team Members

Now that you have hired your candidate, go above and beyond by introducing your candidate to your audience!

Let everyone know that you’re excited to have them be part of the team.


#20 – Infographics

Infographics are a great way to show a step-by-step guide. Infographics enable you to share a ton of information with the use of visuals.

Visuals are sure to draw the attention of your audience and keeps them engaged.


#21 – Historical Posts

Many news pages share historical posts like “today marks the history”

Use this social media strategy to post interesting content that happened in your town or city. You can also post-national days to celebrate universal celebrations.

Take this approach and use it in your own social media strategy. Find something interesting that happened in your town or city and let your audience know.


#22 – Share a Survey

Surveys are a great method to understand your audience better. A lot of companies would have surveys to get customer insights. You could even share the surveys to involve your audience in the surveys.


#23 – Reshare Top Performing Posts

We know reinventing the wheel is hard, but that does not have to be the way. If a post did well once, chances are it will do well again.

So don’t be reluctant to repost your top-performing posts, but do not repost too much as well. Once every 3-6 months would be acceptable.


#24 – Shoutout to Partners

If your company have formed partnerships with other companies, give them a shoutout and explain how your partnership benefits both parties.


#25 – Giveaway (Free Promotion)

Everybody likes free stuff. Offer your audience an incentive to take action to receive freebies and your audience will have strong engagement.

Schedule giveaways during holiday seasons or a significant anniversary of your company.


#26 – User-Generated Content (“UGC”)

If you have run out of ideas of what to post on social media, there is always UGC from influencers that you can post.

Go through your mentions, direct messages and hashtags of your brand. Look for people using your product or service, and then share them with your followers. User-generated content helps you to build trust with your audience.


#27 – FAQs

There’s always a set of questions your audience would like to know beforehand. Why not have a FAQ session to answer them? These posts are sure to attract your customers.


#28 – Sneak Peek

When you’re doing anything new in your company or business, make sure to share it with your audience.

Have catchy sneak peeks which grab the attention of your customers. These type of posts are good if you are launching a new product soon.


#29 – Before and After Posts

Transformation is something we all love.

Display before and after results that your products bring to your customers. This will build trust and lead to increased sales.

#30 – Video Promos

We did mention that videos deliver the highest return on investments. Well, what better way to have your promotions than a video?

Studies have indicated that more than 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a video.


#31 – Quiz 

Asking your audience to finish a sentence can be fun, and it encourages engagement. Have Quizzes to test your audience’s knowledge, even have fill in the blanks sometimes.


#32 – Share a Case Study

If there’s a customer that had recent success after using your product or service, get them involved in a case study! Share it on social media.

Your audience will realize that your product brings results.


#33 – Fun Facts

Keep your fans entertained by posting fun facts. Fun facts will keep them engaged and even bring a new audience into your page as people share the post.


#34 – Events

Your business is bound to host an event or partake in any event throughout the year. If an event happens and nobody hears about it, did it even happen?

Create an Event Page on Facebook to make your event feel more personal to your audience, then start promoting the event.


#35 – Throwback Thursday

If you have officially run out of pictures to post, you can always go through your archives to post a throwback post. #tbt is a great way to repost your old posts and pictures.


#36 – Share Behind the Scenes (BTS)

Share a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of your business. It could you in the office, your staff having an impromptu moment or all of you all at a location for a project. These behind the scenes posts humanizes your brand or business.


#37 – Post Statistics

People love stats (whether it’s true or false).

Share any interesting statistics or new study which relates to your industry. Statistics catch people’s attention and they are a great form of shareable content.


#38 – Preview New Product or Service

Share your story on a new product or service and how it would solve a problem and save time or money. Make a specific landing page for your customers to purchase the product or service.


#39 – Links to free Resources

Everybody loves free stuff.  It could be eBooks or infographics or any freebies, your audience will love you for sharing free resources with them. Create bundles or provide downloadable infographics for your audience to use as a reference.


#40 – Host an #AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Have a post to let your audience know that they can ask you anything for the next 30 minutes. This will help you build a more human brand as compared to your competitors.


#41 – Host an Interview (Guest)

Host a guest interview with an expert in your industry and post a video about the interview. Remember to tag the guest and create a method to drive traffic from the post to your website or social pages.


#42 – Thank the Fans

Show off your super fans now and then. They would love it too!

It could be posts of people using your product or service.

Send them some love, get love back.


#43 – Sign up for Email List

The money is in the list. Get all your customers to your email list via social media. Give out some freebies in exchange for the email address.


#44 – Weekly Motivational Posts and Quotes

Sometimes all your audience need is some motivation, so always share a motivational quote or story preferably on a Monday to go with the hashtag #MotivationMonday


#45 – Podcast Episodes

Reading content could be time-consuming sometimes. Give your audience something to listen to instead by sharing a podcast episode.


#46 – Challenge

Are you currently facing a challenge in your business? Share it with your audience. They could even be a set of fresh eyes to solve your problems.

Sharing challenges you are currently facing would help you to build a deeper connection with your audience.


#47 – Request Feedback

Always ask for feedback from the audience! The customer is always right, so whenever you are feeling lost, ask your audience for guidance and insights to serve them better.


#48 – Spread Joy

Social Media is filled with negative posts, why not be the reason for someone’s happiness? Post a simple joke or meme to bring out laughter to your audience.


#49 – Helpful Routines

Share a simple morning routine or nightly routine you have which helps you stay energized and focused. People are always looking for ideas to make improvements in their lives. This type of post is great for personal brands.


#50 – Promote Your Other Social Profiles

Chances are that you have more than one social media channel for your business. Let your audience know about other channels and cross-sell your other platforms.



We hope these 50 social media posts ideas have been useful to help you regularly post relevant content on social media.

Get started with the posting today and build your brand using social media.

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